Kanye West “slept” his page with icons

By | September 27, 2020
Kanye West

The artist has published more than 40 posts in a row with images of different icons with a single signature.
The famous American rapper Kanye West frightened his fans by “sleeping” his Twitter account with icons.

The artist made his first post three hours ago. In it, he posted an image of Moses and a signature: “This is who we really are.

After that, the rapper posted another 42 paste with different icons. On some of them, the faces of saints are depicted as black people. Other pictures show scenes of war and violence or depict saints with weapons.

Each post collected a few thousand likes and hundreds of comments, and some fans of the West perceived the artist’s “action” as a call to stop all violence and discrimination. Others felt that something was wrong with the singer and that he was not himself.

Earlier it was reported that Kanye West published a video urinating on a Grammy statue. The correspondent also wrote that Kanye West had given his friend a Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle.