Kedmi explained why Russia was the first to create the vaccine

By | August 19, 2020
Kedmi explained why Russia was the first to create the vaccine

Given the difference in moral approaches, Russia took on financial risks and was able to create a vaccine against COVID-19 before the West, which caused disapproval. About it on the air of the Israeli ITON. TV said the military and political expert, former head of the special services “Nativ” Yakov Kedmi – writes the newspaper “Reporter.”

The expert noted that Sputnik V is the first such vaccine in the world. He drew attention to the west’s extremely nervous attitude to the latest development of Russian specialists. At the same time, Russia promised to transfer the formula of the vaccine against coronavirus to any country for free, which broke the arguments of skeptics.

Kedmi explained that the West took the next achievement of the Russians hard. There it is compared with the defeat of the United States from the USSR in the space race. For the Western mentality, it is simply inconceivable that some “Ivans” could overtake the “advanced” countries of Europe and the United States.

Russia needs a vaccine not for prestige, but for the vaccination of its own population. No one in the West has written how Russia is coping with the infection. Not a single word of truth. About the fact that almost one in four have been tested, about the number of hospitals built, about five vaccines created by anyone wrote? No, Kedmi said. For the “civilized” USA and Europe, the main thing is maximum profitability, and in Russia – the health of people. Therefore, in the West, medicines are much more expensive than in Russia, because Moscow approaches this issue differently.

Russia has a different economy, a different calculation. I don’t think Russian pharmaceutical companies will see this as a means of enrichment, as the vaccine will pay off three times in the recovery of the economy.

Kedmi concluded.

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