Kedmi named the reasons for the inevitable collapse of the United States

Kedmi named the reasons for the inevitable collapse of the United States

The United States of America is essentially a “strange state” consisting of 50 actors, not united by anything but the army and foreign policy.

Israeli political analyst Yakov Kedmi said this on the YouTube channel Voice of Truth.

According to the expert, usually states unite to jointly confront external threats or realize common interests, but the United States was once united artificially. As a result of this artificial association, the American authorities have been unable to solve the problems facing the country either at the local level or at the federal level.

In 2020, Kedmi said, the evidence was demonstrated by racial unrest, economic problems, and the coronavirus epidemic. In addition, it turned out that the President of the United States does not actually run the country, and senators degrade every year.

According to Jacob Kedmi, all this will lead to the collapse of the United States, which will soon cease to exist as a single state. There are states like California, for example, that are already demonstrating the ability to exist independently of the rest, and in addition to this – a reluctance to feed less successful regions. Gradually, such sentiments will increase, and the catalyst for the collapse of the country will be the expected crisis of the American economy.

“There will be no unipolar world. The hegemony of the United States in politics, economy, military business is coming to an end. That’s what they’re afraid of – and that’s why there are all the problems in the world,” Kedmi said. “Then the U.S. will return to its natural size, with the problems of racism, social sphere, science, economics. And how long will this common state live?”

At the same time, the Israeli political scientist notes that not only the pandemic, which has become a kind of litmus test for many countries, has shown the weaknesses of the United States. Weakness, in his opinion. It is embedded in the very nature of the U.S. economy, where the dominant financial sector is by nature speculative. And in the conditions of the new crisis, all unnaturally inflated financial bubbles will inevitably burst.

Other countries that do not want to “fall under the rubble” of the collapse of the United States of America, according to the expert, should take the most independent position in determining their national interests, defense and economy. The loss of independence, which Kedmi stressed is “the easiest thing to sell,” will lead any country to lose its subjectivity.

“The country should do as it needs to do without copying others. Then there is a chance to survive in this world and become capable. Those who refuse will become part of something else,” the Israeli political scientist concluded.

Earlier, Yakov Kedmi expressed the opinion that the latest Russian weapons, as their development, reduce the time of America’s existence in case of war broke out between our countries. If earlier the life of the United States since the beginning of the war was calculated for hours, now, according to the expert, they will be destroyed in a few minutes.

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