Kedmi voiced the main reason for the US lag behind Russia in the field of armaments…

Israeli political scientist Yakov Kedmi explained why, with the repeated superiority of the United States in spending on defense, the Pentagon has not been able to reduce the lag behind Russia in the field of armament.

The former head of the Israeli intelligence service “Nativ” Yakov Kedmi on the TVC channel explained why he was not surprised by the statement of the American director Oliver Stone about the world leadership of the United States on corruption. According to the political scientist, Washington lags behind Moscow in the development of weapons, despite the repeated superiority in the issue of defense financing.

The expert believes that this is due to the high level of corruption in the American industry. With a budget of $700 billion, Washington failed to advance the development of strategic and hypersonic complexes the way Russia did. The hundreds of billions of dollars that the Pentagon is “throwing away” by funding defense enterprises is just the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, as Stone emphasized, it is now the United States that is the “main evil” of humanity’s entire existence. Kedmi disagreed with the American director’s assertion, pointing to the history of European civilization. In his view, the United States was merely an extension of Europe, which had, in a sense, caused the destruction of many peoples and peoples.

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“There was no more monstrous and inhuman civilization. No one has destroyed as many people as the Europeans, including the Europeans themselves. Entire nations have disappeared because of them. And Americans, being a form of European civilization, are no different from that,” Kedmi said.

Earlier, the military columnist of Komsomolskaya Pravda, retired colonel Viktor Baranets, commented on the successful testing of the Russian S-500 missile defense system. According to him, the Russian missile defense system is capable of intercepting all possible types of U.S. missiles and air targets…