Kiev’s neither here nor there”: Saudi Arabia has recognized the Crimean citizens in Russia

Saudi Arabia de facto recognized Crimeans as Russian citizens. Muslims of the Peninsula receive visas at the Embassy of the Kingdom in Moscow. “Kiev has nothing to do with it,” – noted in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Crimea.

Saudi Arabia has de facto recognized the Crimean citizens. It is noted that all Muslims who live on the Peninsula receive visas at the Embassy of the Kingdom in Moscow. Journalists were told about it in the Spiritual management of Muslims of the Crimea.

“Visas for Crimeans are provided for Hajj — visits to the Holy places of Islam in Mecca and Medina, – say in the office. – The documents are issued without the participation of diplomatic agencies in Kiev”.

Thus, de facto, Saudi Arabia recognizes the inhabitants of the Crimean Peninsula as citizens of Russia.

“Of course, in Moscow received visas, Kiev has nothing to do with it, – explained the organization “Izvestia”.

It is noted that the Saudi Embassy confirmed that visas are given to Crimeans in the same way as to all residents of Russia.

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As explained in the Council of Muftis, this practice began immediately after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. By the way, visas are provided to Crimeans by other Moscow embassies, even those that previously opposed Russian sovereignty over Crimea. Recall that the Peninsula became part of our country during a legal referendum.