Kim Jong-Un appealed to Putin with a telegram

By | June 12, 2020
Kim Jong-un appealed to Putin with a telegram

Kim Jong-un sent a congratulatory telegram to Vladimir Putin, TOP NEWS reports with reference to the North Korean Telegraph Agency (CTAC).
The DPRK leader wished the President of Russia good health and success in working for the good of the country, and welfare and prosperity to all residents of the Russian Federation.
“On the occasion of the Day of Russia, I send you warm congratulations and warm greetings to you, the government and people of the Russian Federation on behalf of the government and people of the DPRK … Today, the Russian people, under your energetic leadership, courageously overcoming all sorts of challenges and difficulties, are making great strides in the struggle to build a strong and prosperous Russia, which the people of the DPRK sincerely rejoice, ”he said.
Kim Jong-un also noted that he expects to further strengthen and develop the “precious tradition
of Korean-Russian friendship”, which has deep “historical roots”.
As TOP NEWS reported, recently the Chairman of the DPRK State Council, Kim Jong-un, reappeared in public after a break.

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