Kim Jong-un “died” 99%, and then rose from the dead

Russian friends of the DPRK commented on rumors about the death of Kim Jong UN

South Korean media reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un literally “rose from the dead”, appearing in public. Prior to that, they claimed that the politician “died” by 99%.

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un first appeared in public in the past 20 days. This was reported by South Korean media.

According to the agency “Renhap”, the politician attended the ceremony of launching a fertilizer plant in the city of Sunchon.

Note that the politician has not appeared in public since April 12, 2020. This gave rise to speculation that Kim Jong-un was supposedly near death or even died.

A new batch of rumors was earlier thrown by Ji Song Ho defector. He claimed that he was 99% sure that the North Korean leader had died, which Pyongyang would allegedly announce in the coming days.

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