Kim’s Missing. What ails the dictator of North Korea

North Korea

Kim Jong-un has not appeared in public since April 12, and South Korean and American media reported that the North Korean leader had heart surgery and is in serious condition.
Kim Jong-UN disappeared, even missed the anniversary celebration of the birth of his grandfather — the founder of the DPRK, Kim Il-Sung. There has been talking of a serious illness of the dictator, but official Pyongyang denies everything.

TOP-NEWS gathered all the rumors around Kim.

Heart operation

The birthday of the founder of the DPRK, Kim Il Sung –is one of the main holidays in the country. Kim Jong-un has never missed this holiday before, and it seemed unlikely to many that the top leader of the DPRK could just skip the ceremony.

His absence has inevitably given rise to rumors and speculation, but they cannot be confirmed.

Kim Jong-un last appeared in North Korea’s official news on April 12. The note said that he had inspected a group of strike aircraft, but the date of the event was not specified. In the photos, the North Korean leader looked relaxed and calm, as always. State media also reported that the day before, he had presided over a political meeting. However, he has not been seen in public since.

Last week, North Korea tested warheads, but nothing is reported about the presence of the leader at them, although he usually does not miss missile launches.

The first rumors about Kim Jong-UN’s illness appeared on Tuesday on a news site run by defectors from North Korea. An anonymous source told Daily NK that the North Korean leader is developing heart disease and that his condition allegedly worsened after several visits to mount Paektusan. This report, based on one anonymous source, was then repeated by news agencies and international publications.

Then there was news that the intelligence services of South Korea and the United States are checking this information. After that, American publications came out with headlines that the head of the DPRK is in a serious condition after heart surgery.

The fact that American intelligence is checking the information received that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in a serious condition after surgery, CNN reported, citing a source in the US administration.

“The US is studying intelligence that the life of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in serious danger after a medical operation, ” the report said.

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At the same time, the TV channel emphasizes that collecting intelligence data from North Korea is one of the most difficult tasks for US intelligence. North Korea tightly controls any information that surrounds its leader, who is treated almost like a deity in the country. Refutation

This is not the first wave of rumors and speculation about Kim Jong-UN’s health, but all of them have been refuted in the past.

This time, the South Korean government also denied the rumors. Has mistrust of them, and the sources of Reuters in the Chinese intelligence.

A spokesman for South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the authorities do not know anything about Kim Jong-un’s possible ill-health.

“No unusual activity has been detected in North Korea, ” he said.

At the same time, no one has yet denied information about heart surgery. Beijing and Seoul deny only rumors that the North Korean leader is seriously ill.

In the DPRK, the population, in principle, is not accepted to report information about the health of the country’s leadership.

Previous disappearances

In 2014, Kim Jong-UN disappeared from public life for 40 days, sparking a flood of rumors. It was even claimed that he was deposed in a coup.

Kim returned – but was captured with a cane. State media acknowledged that the Supreme leader is experiencing “an uncomfortable physical condition.”Kim’s coronavirus doesn’t seem to be in danger either. On March 12, North Korean media published photos from the Korean people’s army’s artillery exercises “in conditions close to combat”. The footage shows that all the military leaders who accompany North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN are wearing black protective masks, but he is not.

Officially, the North Korean authorities have not confirmed any cases of coronavirus infection in the country.