Kremlin refuses to assess Lukashenko’s movement in Minsk with machine gun

By | August 24, 2020
Kremlin refuses to assess Lukashenko's movement in Minsk with machine gun

Dmitry Peskov responded negatively to the journalists’ request to comment on the appearance of the Belarusian president near his residence with a machine gun. Lukashenko was accompanied by a 15-year-old son, also armed. This was stated to journalists by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RBC.

So he answered the question of whether the Kremlin is afraid of violence, given the pull-in of troops in Belarusian cities and the movement of the country’s president Alexander Lukashenko with an assault rifle on the capital.
On the afternoon of August 23, a large-scale protest took place in Minsk, and rallies in the country began after the presidential elections, in which, according to the Cec administration of the republic, Lukashenko won with 80% of the votes. During Sunday’s march, protesters came to the president’s residence, but security forces blocked their way. They cordoned off the area of the State Flag, next to which the building is located, where they placed special equipment to disperse the protesters, including water cannons. On the same day Telegram channel “PoolE first” showed a video of Lukashenko’s arrival in his residence accompanied by his son. In the hands of the president was an AK-like machine gun, without a horn. Landing on the territory of the Palace of Independence, Lukashenko asked the attendants: “There is no one left, right?” pointing to the side where the protesters were.

Another video released by the Belta news agency was taken from a helicopter. In it, Lukashenko asked the pilot to fly closer to Winners Avenue, where the residence is located and said of the protesters: “How the rats ran away.”

According to Lukashenko’s spokeswoman Natalia Eismont, the president had been working at the Palace of Independence since the morning, and then flew around the city by helicopter and inspected the rally from above.

According to her, the protesters were going to go on a “kind of assault” of the residence, but they did not have the courage.
“Seeing what could happen, these people quickly turned around and literally ran in the opposite direction,” Eismont said.