Kremlin seeks replacement for Lukashenko

By | September 7, 2020
Kremlin seeks replacement for Lukashenko

Former President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski gave a long interview to Newsweek Polska magazine, in which he made a forecast of the situation in neighboring Belarus.

Answering a journalist’s question about “so what will happen,” the ex-president said:

“Russia’s position is critical. Vladimir Putin does not like Alexander Lukashenko, he has a lot of grievances against him, and there is no chemistry between them, but, from his point of view, Lukashenko is still a better solution than everyone who is currently in Belarus. And while Putin supports him and guarantees him help in extreme situations, Lukashenka will continue (to act). But the Kremlin is a very smart and well-organized power structure. Russia wants to keep Belarus in its sphere of influence, but does not want to die for Lukashenko. In my opinion, the Russians are already looking for a replacement for him. ”
According to Kwasniewski, the Kremlin is looking for a person who could implement what Lukashenko himself proposed: a change in the constitution, and then new presidential and parliamentary elections.

“This would resolve the crisis, and ultimately Belarus, of course, will be led by a pro-Russian leader,” the former leader of Poland is convinced.
Kwasniewski was skeptical about the option proposed by the journalist: “Lukashenka is fighting to the end, and the Russians are providing him with military assistance.”

“It seems to me (this option) the least likely. This would mean a mini-Afghanistan, getting into a difficult situation, which is very expensive politically and economically, ”the politician believes.
Answering the question about what you would do with Belarus if you were president today, Alexander Kwasniewski said:
Maria Kolesnikova in Minsk
“The most important thing – I would urge the European Union – and here I would not put myself in the foreground – to start negotiations with Russia. There is only one way to shape the future of Belarus: get along with Putin. I would try to use the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe for this, because Russia is present there. I would try to transfer the topic of Belarus to the UN level, because Russia is also there, with a veto right. But most of all I would like to look for people who can go to Moscow to talk to the head of diplomacy Sergei Lavrov, President Putin and try to find a solution. ”
Kwasniewski’s assessment of US President Donald Trump in the context of the Belarusian events is curious:

“I’m not talking about America as long as Trump is the president of this country. He did the worst: he denied us all the opportunity to call America the custodian of values, democracy and human rights. His America doesn’t want to be a leader or a role model. I follow the election campaign in the United States and did not find a single phrase by Trump, which he writes a lot on Twitter, about Belarus. Have you found it? ”
Kremlin seeks replacement for Lukashenko
According to the ex-President of Poland, Trump “probably still has a perverse sympathy in his soul for authoritarian leaders led by Putin.”