Kurds accuse Turkey of continuing fighting

The Turkish army and allied forces continue shelling near the town of Ras al-Ain, the Kurds said.
Turkey and its allies continue fighting in the Ras al-Ain area, despite the announcement of the suspension of the military operation in Syria. This was announced on Thursday, October 24, by the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazlum Kobani Abdi. The ceasefire guarantees must fulfill their obligations to keep the Turks,” he urged on Twitter.

In turn, as reported by Reuters, Turkish President Recep Erdogan declared his readiness to resume military operation in northeastern Syria if Kurdish forces do not withdraw from the border of the “safe zone”.

According to him, the Syrian Democratic Forces should move away from the “safe zone” border in accordance with the signed ceasefire agreement in Syria between Turkey and the United States. In case of non-compliance, Turkey is ready to resume hostilities.

At the same time, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced an attack by Kurdish forces in the “safe zone” area in northeastern Syria, wounding five soldiers.

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The attack was reportedly carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces near the border town of Ras al-Ain. Turkish forces responded to the attacks in self-defense.

“The attack was carried out using drones, mortars and light weapons,” the statement said.

As you know, on October 22 ended a 120-hour ceasefire in northern Syria, the Kurds left the area of the military operation of Turkey, after which Ankara announced the cessation of hostilities, which began on October 9