L’Oreal unveiled a device to create a unique lipstick

Girls probably know how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd. Many strive to be special and unique. And here, as nowhere else, details and little things are important. For example, the color of lipstick on the lips. If it’s “just like everyone else’s”, then you can’t really stand out. But a recently introduced L’Oreal gadget solves this problem completely. The Rouge Sur Mesure device interested many at the CES 2021 exhibition.
Girls probably know how difficult
The gadget works when connected to a smartphone via an app. In it, you can select the color the user wants. At the same time, the set of colors is very wide, and the possibility of choice is not limited only to preloaded colors. It is enough to upload a photo and the color will be recognized. In addition, you can experiment, creating absolutely fantastic colors. It is also possible to use the function of matching the color of the lipstick to the clothes – a special algorithm is responsible for this.

Inside the gadget, there are four cartridges with branded lipstick in 4 colors – red, flesh, orange, and pink. By mixing them in certain proportions, you can get almost any color. However, the possibilities of Rouge Sur Mesure are even wider. The device allows you to choose the color shade and saturation. The color adjustment is done visually with the help of a circle, by moving the mark on which you can choose the “right” shade.

When all manipulations and settings are done, the user presses the “Start” button. Following this, the device creates a single batch of lipstick in the selected color. It comes in a sealed container, which can be carried in your purse. The kit also includes a brush for applying the created lipstick. The device will go on sale this spring for $299. Now you can make a pre-order on the official website of Yves Saint Laurent.

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