Large-scale COVID-19 disaster regime introduced in Brazil’s metropolitan area

By | June 29, 2020
Large-scale COVID-19 disaster regime introduced in Brazil's metropolitan area

The governor of the federal district, which includes the capital of Brazil, Ibaneis Rocha announced the introduction of a large-scale disaster due to the coronavirus pandemic, G1 broadcasts.
The introduction of the regime facilitates the access of regional authorities to the funds of the federal government, local authorities are also exempt from compliance with the tax liability law adopted in 2020 and can redirect funds to the prevention and treatment of patients with coronavirus.
According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 1,344,143 cases of infection and 57,622 deaths were recorded in Brazil. Over the past day, doctors identified 30,476 new cases of infection, 552 people died.
According to data on Sunday, in the metropolitan area and the city of Brasilia 548 people died from coronavirus, 44.9 thousand infected.
Since February 29 in the metropolitan area, there was an emergency mode for a period of 180 days.

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