Latest News:The Pope has predicted a new world flood

Latest News:The Pope has predicted a new world flood

A new world flood awaits mankind, Pope Francis declared. Topnews
According to him, the catastrophe will happen if the leaders of different states do not take measures to combat global warming.

“He World Flood will happen if we continue on the same path,” the Corriere Della Sera newspaper quoted the pontiff as saying.
Francis recalled that Noah managed to survive the cataclysm through virtue, and called on citizens and politicians to discretion, noting that it goes hand in hand with “empathy for situations, people, the world and its problems.”
Earlier, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA) stated that last year was the second warmest on record in the history of observations in the Arctic. At the same time over the past fifty years, the temperature here is growing twice as fast as in other areas of the planet.

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