Latvian minister explains drop in Russian cargo transit

By | June 8, 2020
Latvian minister explains drop in Russian cargo transit

Latvia is interested in continuing cooperation with Russia, despite political differences, said the head of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic, Talis Linkaits. In his opinion, the drop in Russian transit in the country has only an economic reason, reports The Baltic course, citing Baltcom radio.

The Latvian minister noted that the republic is interested in continuing cooperation with Russia in economic sectors. According to him, despite the crisis, some indicators of trade between the two countries show growth.

“Where we can cooperate, we must cooperate. Even in all transit wars, there are not so many political issues as economics and strategic interests. This means that we, as a transit country, must make sure that our corridor is of interest to them, ”Linkites said.
Since the beginning of this year, data on transit traffic volumes have repeatedly shown a continued decline. In March, the minister said that Latvia needed to look for new sources for increasing the transit of goods through the republic. Links noted that some hopes are connected with the cargo flow from Belarus, but Minsk needs to be interested in competitive transit conditions.

In March, the leadership of the Latvian Railways curtailed the modernization program for large railway facilities due to a drop in cargo transit volumes, refusing to allocate a budget of 441 million euros. Also, large-scale projects were launched under the knife on the terms of co-financing with the European Union.

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