Leaked data of 533 million Facebook users don’t care about the company

Leaked data of 533 million Facebook users don't care about the company

Facebook is not particularly worried about the data leakage of more than 533 million users, which were posted on one of the hacker forums. A representative of the American company told TA about TOPNEWS this.

“This is old data that was reported in 2019. We discovered and fixed this problem in 2019, ”the response says.
According to Business Insider, on the eve of the public access was information from users from 106 countries, including accounts of 32 million US residents, 11 million users in Britain, and 6 million people in India. The full names of Facebook users, their location, dates of birth, bios, phone numbers, and email addresses were posted on the forum.

“A database of this size, containing such personal information as the phone numbers of a large number of Facebook users, will definitely lead to the fact that attackers use this data to launch hacker attacks,” – quotes the publication of the words of Alon Gala, one of the founders of Hudson Rock. detecting cybercrimes.