Lego paused police toy promotion

Lego paused police toy promotion

The company will stop promoting more than 30 sets of toys out of respect for the #BlackOutTuesday promotion.
Lego company refuses to advertise sets with figures of policemen, criminals, special services, search dogs, and other toys of similar subjects. It is reported by The Toy book.

Without advertising promotion, there will be more than 30 building kits, which include police figures and accessories, LEGO City police station, fire department, police dogs, patrol cars, mobile command center, and others.

The company said that they respect the #BlackOutTuesday campaign and suspend the placement of relevant content on social networks “in response to the tragic events in the United States.”

On the eve it was reported that the aged Ashton Kutcher almost cried in the video, commenting on the protests in America. It was also reported that a Ukrainian journalist announced an attack during a protest in the United States.

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