LG will release a smartphone with a rotating screen

LG will release a smartphone with a rotating screen

LG is preparing to release a smartphone with two screens. Its main display will be able to rotate at right angles, revealing a secondary. This was reported by the Korean newspaper The Korean Herald, citing its own sources.

As clarifies ETNews, the future new LG is held under the working name Wing. The main screen will be quite large – at 6.8 inches, while the diagonal of the auxiliary panel will be 4 inches with a “square” aspect ratio of 1: 1.
LG will release a smartphone with a rotating screen
In addition to the rotating display, Wing is credited with supporting 5G networks, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of the 700th series, as well as a triple camera with a main 64-megapixel lens. Previously, the Korean manufacturer has already released phones of this form factor. For example, about ten years ago, LG offered the LB1500 and LU1400 clamshells, only they had a T9 physical keyboard, and not a second display, behind the rotary screen (and non-touch and tiny by modern standards).

The secondary Wing display is supposed to be independent of the primary. On it, for example, there may be tools for editing photos, an on-screen keyboard, or a section with comments on YouTube.

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As expected, the device will be released in the second half of the year and will cost a little more than the “designer” model LG Velvet. Sources of The Korean Herald estimate Wing at 1 million won, or about 60 thousand rubles.

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