Libyan Caliph General Haftar escapes to Venezuela from Erdogan

Libyan Caliph General Haftar escapes to Venezuela from Erdogan

The head of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar could take refuge in Venezuela. This statement was made by opposition leader Juan Guaido, his speech appeared on the page of the Venezuelan Embassy in the United States.

“Venezuela proceeded with attempts to destabilize [the situation] in some countries of the region. I raise the alarm, as it concerns every country, ”he said. Oppositionist believes that the head of the LNA is hiding the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro.

On June 7, Guaidó claimed that a plane landed in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, allegedly where Haftar was.

The situation in Libya escalated after in April the LNA announced its assumption of power in the country. At present, the Haftar army is fighting against the forces of the Government of National Accord (PNS) and is losing: internationally recognized authorities have already thrown LNA fighters from the country’s capital. After that, the restoration of full government control over the administrative borders of Tripoli was announced.

At the end of April 2019, opposition leader Guaido called on the military and the people to overthrow Maduro. He stated that the army sided with him and called what was happening “the final phase of Operation Freedom.” The next day, Maduro declared his victory over the opposition forces. Russia supported the incumbent president, the United States recognized the legitimacy of Guaido.

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