Lions at the zoo mutilated the caretaker

By | June 1, 2020
Lions at the zoo mutilated the caretaker

A zoo worker was found unconscious in an aviary with lions. She had terrible wounds. The woman was urgently hospitalized.
At the zoo in the Australian city of Shoalhaven in New South Wales, two lions attacked an employee of the establishment. Predators seriously mutilated a woman. She was hospitalized in a helicopter health center, writes the South Coast Register.

Jennifer Brown, 35, was discovered in the morning. She lay unconscious in an aviary with lions.

Apparently, the caretaker went to the predatory animals to do the cleaning. However, what triggered the attack of the lions is not reported.

Doctors arrived at the zoo and took the woman by helicopter to the hospital. Brown has deep wounds on his head and neck. She is in a critical but stable condition.

“Two employees of the zoo distracted predators, thanks to which rescuers were able to quickly help the victim … The woman was very seriously injured, there were terrible wounds on her body,” said ambulance worker Fey Stockman.

The zoo does not comment on the situation. An investigation is underway.

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