In Lithuania, a priest suspected of pedophilia in the United States was removed from the service

In Lithuania, a priest suspected of pedophilia in the United States was removed from the service

Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grusas has suspended priest Aloizas Volskis, who is suspected of sexual exploitation of a minor, from services, Sputnik Lithuania reports.

Recently Grushas received news that an accusation was brought in the United States – it is alleged that more than ten years ago, at the Kelly Catholic School in Lapir, priest Aloisas Volskis may have sexually exploited a minor.

The Lithuanian archbishop decided to remove the clergyman pending the completion of the court proceedings. The Vilnius Archdiocese emphasized that they had not received complaints about Volskis about exploitation or inappropriate treatment of minors.

“This story concerns a priest who now lives and serves in the Vilnius Archdiocese, he is a priest of the Telšiai diocese, and a possible crime was committed in America, in Michigan, in Detroit,” Gintaras Grushas said at a press conference. According to him, no investigation was initiated against the priest, but he was suspended from work. Volskis’s term of office as appointed by the diocese expired on February 14, 2019. According to Grushas, ​​the first hints of a possible crime appeared last Thursday, and on Friday the information appeared in the media.

“They talk about the trial that began in Detroit, the accused party – the parish, the Catholic school, the diocese of Detroit and the Archbishop of Detroit, but the prosecution mentions priest Volskis, who served there – we are talking about a crime against a young child,” he said

Aloizas Volskis is a priest of the Telšiai diocese. For the past few years, she has been helping in the pastoral care of the Vilnius Archdiocese and serving in the Temple of Divine Mercy.

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Grushas stressed that “even one case of exploitation of a minor or a vulnerable person is too much.”
The American media writes that the alleged crime could have occurred in 2010. The boy was then eight years old. Priest Aloizas Volskis himself denies his guilt, writes

“They are accused of violence, intoxication with the help of drugs, we did not hear anything about such actions until Thursday. They say that it happened in 2010, the first information about the crime in Detroit appeared in 2018, ”said Grushas.
There is information that the materials on the crime of the Lithuanian priest in 2019 were transferred to the prosecutor’s office.

“Today I met with priest Volskis. He denies his guilt, claims that there was nothing like this in his life with minors. He is still suspended from service until the end of the investigation and trials. We have undertaken this, ”the archbishop explained.

According to Grushas, ​​Volskis served in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Montreal, Canada. In 2014, he returned to Lithuania, served in two parishes in Vilnius, and since 2019 was released from service due to health problems, and lives in the capital of Lithuania.