Lithuanian Defense Ministry hopes to maintain US troops in Europe

Lithuanian Defense Ministry hopes to maintain US troops in Europe

Lithuanian Defense Ministry hopes that the United States will leave in Europe part of the military contingent, which was decided to withdraw from Germany. This was reported by TASS with reference to the comment of the military department.

The Ministry of Defense noted that “the movement of the military in Europe is ongoing, so Lithuania has no reason to believe that the announced reduction in the size of the military contingent in Germany would mean a weakening of US obligations regarding European security.” Lithuanian military hopes that “all military transferred from Germany will leave Europe.” According to the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, there were no bilateral consultations on these issues with representatives of the Pentagon.

In October 2019, a United States battalion with military equipment was deployed in Lithuania, recalled in Vilnius. At the end of May, the fighters were withdrawn from the Baltic Republic, “praising the existing infrastructure and the assistance provided by Lithuania as a host.”

Earlier it was reported that US President Donald Trump decided to reduce the military group in Germany by almost a third.

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