Love for cooking and YouTube betrayed the Italian mobster

Love for cooking and YouTube betrayed the Italian mobster

There are many legends about the Italian mafia. The main one has found confirmation – it still exists. Its members control many areas of the criminal business in Italy and even beyond its borders. The possibilities of the criminal community, called “Ndrangheta”, are very great, and the connections are so powerful that its leaders manage to remain free by duty. However, the mafioso is also in charge – they are caught and put behind bars for long periods, although this can be very difficult. But sometimes a very small detail is enough for the perpetrator to be caught and arrested.

A man named Marc Feren Claude Bjard is well known not only to Italian policemen, but also to their colleagues from Interpol. He has been involved in drug trafficking for several years. About 7 years ago he was put on the wanted list. However, it was not possible to find him, the trail of the criminal was lost first in Costa Rica, and, then, in the Dominican Republic. The police did not stop the search, but the hope that Bjar would be caught and brought to justice for all his “exploits” was not great.

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And here a chance helped the detectives. Probably some of them love to cook and watch culinary YouTube channels. In the presenter of one such channel, where he talks about the nuances of cooking Italian dishes, Bjar was identified. He did not show his face in the frame, but for some reason he forgot about tattoos. From them it became clear that the culinary lover is none other than wanted for a number of crimes against the mafiosi law. He was under surveillance. A few days later, he was arrested by the authorities at the Milan airport. Now he will face trial and just punishment.