Lukashenko announced the possible use of the army in Belarus

By | July 24, 2020
Lukashenko announced the possible use of the army in Belarus

There are not enough “maydanuts” in Belarus, but they will be pulled up from outside, the Belarusian president believes.
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko may involve the armed forces to establish public order in the country. He would not like to do this, but “anything can happen,” the press service of the Belarusian leader said on Friday, July 24. Lukashenka today visited the 5th separate special-purpose brigade in Maryina Gorka. During his speech, he said that wars now begin with street protests, demonstrations.

“We have two such units in the Armed Forces: your brigade and the mechanized brigade in Uruchya. And in those days when I served in the army as an officer, these were special units,” Lukashenka noted. “And when I had to decide more than a dozen years ago and to choose dual-purpose brigades, I settled on these two units. ”

“Probably, there are few such units where I visit so often. It is not accidental. You are a special detachment of our armed forces. At least, I think so, and until you dissuade me from these thoughts,” the head of state said.

“When I had to decide what kind of armed forces we needed, especially after 2010, I realized that we need to have trained fighters in stock, units in armed pitchforks. Just in case,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “It is undesirable, of course, that we have to resort to the Armed Forces. But anything can be. An example of this is the United States. ”

The Belarusian leader recalled that the American president had to bring the army out into the streets in some states.

“What is happening today in the United States, firstly, no one in the world expected. Secondly, this is a grave disaster for the whole world. If the President of the United States can withstand this pressure, it will be a good sign for us as well. but God forbid, this empire collapses, the world will be hard, “- he said.

Speaking about the military units in Maryina Gorka and Uruchye, Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the fact that they are well prepared, including to prevent escalation within Belarus.

“The Secretary of State correctly said that all sorts of wars now begin with street protests, demonstrations, then Maidans. If there are no people of our own (we have not enough” Maidan “), they will be pulled up from the outside. These are professional soldiers, bandits who are specially trained in mainly within the framework of PMCs (private military companies – ed.) around the world, and they earn a lot of money on provocations in certain states, “Lukashenka said.

He added that this was the case in a number of countries, including Libya, Iraq, Syria.

“It has only gotten worse. This is controlled chaos,” stated Alexander Lukashenko.

Let us remind you that on July 15 activists were detained in Minsk. Soldiers of internal troops were sent to disperse the peaceful assembly, along with other security officials.

Before that, spontaneous actions were held in Minsk and other Belarusian cities in support of ex-banker Viktor Babariko and the first director of the Belarusian High-Tech Park Valery Tsepkalo, who were not registered as presidential candidates. The number of those detained went to hundreds.

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