Lukashenko considers Belarus

Lukashenko considers Belarus’ political system “somewhat authoritarian”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in a conversation with the President of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo considered the political system of the country “somewhat authoritarian”. However, according to Lukashenko, this is why the president is guarding the independence of other branches of government.

“This is a personal moment, and we need to make sure that the system, which is not tied to the individual, including Lukashenko, works,” the Belarusian president stressed.

Earlier, Lukashenko’s spokeswoman Natalia Eismont said that the term “dictatorship” has become the country’s international brand. “Behind the dictatorship in our current understanding, we see, in my opinion, order, discipline, and absolutely normal, calm life. I think we say that word so often that dictatorship is our brand,” Eismont said.

Lukashenko has been the head of Belarus since 1994. His current term is his seventh.

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