Lukashenko fires Belarusian ambassador to Slovakia who supported protests

By | August 24, 2020
Lukashenko fires Belarusian ambassador to Slovakia who supported protests

Igor Leshenya has been dismissed from his post as the ambassador of Belarus to Slovakia, the order was signed by the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier, Leshenya supported his compatriots who went to protests in Minsk and other cities after the election of the President of the Republic. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a statement of Igor Leshenya on his own will from the post of emergency and authorized ambassador to Slovakia, BelTA news agency reports.

In the middle of this month, Lechenya supported his compatriots who went to protests in Minsk and other cities after the presidential elections.

“I stand in solidarity with those who took to the streets of cities with peaceful processions to make their voices heard. As a native of the city of Yodino, I am with you, the workers of Belaza and the Forge Plant of Heavy Stamps,” he said in a video message published in the Telegram channel “Nasha Niva.”

The newspaper noted that this is the first ambassador of Belarus who supported the demonstrators. Leschenya noted that he was “shocked by the stories of torture and beatings of citizens” of his country.

“Hundreds of my compatriots felt that a number of law enforcement officials fully revived the traditions of the NKVD in the tolerant European Belarus of the 21st century,” the ambassador said.

He also told how “in one of the photos of the mash of bruises and bruises” he identified his daughter’s classmate, “who was definitely never a troublemaker.” The picture was published in one of the Belarusian media.

In his address, Leschenya also stressed that the state can be cohesive, strong, and not subject to external influences only when the “will of the people, its language, history, and culture” are respected.

The diplomat expressed hope that in the future the authorities of the republic will take into account the positions of all segments of the population and representatives of different political parties.

On Monday, August 24, a member of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the head of the ministry’s historical and archive department, Vyacheslav Kazachenok, was also dismissed for supporting the protests in the republic.

He was dismissed under article 42 of the Labour Code “in connection with a gross violation of his employment duties”. The Foreign Ministry also had to leave the deputy head of the Eurasian Integration Department Elena Kopaneva.

On August 17, Kazachenok and Kopaneva took to a solitary picket on the steps of the Foreign Ministry building with white blank sheets. Thus, the Foreign Ministry wanted to show their principled position on the situation in the country.

On the same day, the Kupalovsky Theatre in Minsk reported the dismissal of the director-general of the institution and ex-minister of the culture of the republic Pavel Latushko, Sputnik news agency reported.

“It has just become known that the employment contract with the general director of the Kupalovsky Theatre Pavel Latushko has been terminated ahead of schedule. The team supports its director and also signs applications for dismissal,” Kupalovsky’s team said.

The theatre staff asked all concerned citizens to morally support the ex-director and the creative team in their decision. Latushko joined the protests in Minsk, he called on the current head of the Interior Ministry Yuri Karayev to resign.

Soon the protesters in Minsk booed the acting Minister of Culture Yuri Bondar on the way out of the Kupalovsky Theatre. Bondar met with Latushko and his colleagues. On the way out of the theater, the Minister of Culture was greeted with shouts and insults. The protesters did not listen to his statement about the results of the negotiations.

As a result, the official left in a service car, which followed him into the crowd. The demonstrators first prevented him from getting into the car, and then ran after it and blocked the road.

The Ministry of Culture of Russia said that it is ready to consider the possibility of employing retired actors and employees of the Yankee Kupala Theatre.

“If they apply, we will consider this appeal. It’s absolutely obvious,” she told Gazeta. Russian department spokeswoman Anna Usacheva.

A vote for presidential candidates was held in Belarus on August 9. According to the country’s CENTRAL Election Commission, Alexander Lukashenko won. 80.1% of voters voted for him. Only 10.1% of the votes went to his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Preliminary results were similar.

They became known on the evening of August 9: that’s when the protests began. Belarusians began to take to the streets all over the country and oppose Lukashenko’s election. The opposition strongly disagreed with the results of the elections. Tikhanovskiy’s office claimed that she received 60-70% of the votes.

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