Lukashenko harshly responded to Macron’s call to resign.

By | September 27, 2020
Lukashenko harshly responded to Macron's call to resign.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko advised French leader Emmanuel Macron to deal with internal problems and not to interfere in the affairs of Belarus.
This is how he reacted to the statement of the French President, who in the morning urged him to resign voluntarily. He called what is happening in Belarus a “crisis of power”, which cannot understand the “logic of democracy. The French leader also supported the protesters and admired their courage.
Lukashenko said that according to Makron’s logic, he himself should have resigned two years ago when the protests of “yellow vests” began. He also mentioned the actions of the BLM movement and protests of Muslims in France. The President of Belarus added that Minsk was ready to become a platform for Makron’s negotiations with representatives of these groups on the transfer of power.
In this regard, Lukashenko “as an experienced politician – immature” advised Macron to focus on the internal problems of France.
“And finally, as a man, I want to note that it seems to us here in Belarus, Emanuel Makron pays too much attention to one of the former presidential candidates. Taking into account the fact that this ex-candidate is a lady, the French leader risks to get personal – at home,” he concluded.
The situation in Belarus
Protests in various Belarusian cities began on August 9 after the presidential election, during which the CEC declared Alexander Lukashenko the winner. The opposition did not recognize these results and considers Svetlana Tikhanovskaya the winner, while the ex-candidate herself went to Lithuania.
In the first days, the rallies were severely suppressed – tear gas, water cannons, light-noise grenades, and rubber bullets were used against those dissatisfied with the voting results, but then the law enforcers’ methods changed. According to the Interior Ministry, more than 6.7 thousand people were detained during the first days of the protests, and hundreds were injured, including at least 130 law enforcement officers. The authorities officially confirmed the deaths of three protesters.
The rallies are now in their second month, but supporters of the incumbent president are also holding actions in support of him.

On September 23, the inauguration of Lukashenko took place at the Independence Palace. This provoked a new wave of protests, which the law enforcement agencies again dispersed using force and water cannons.
Protest actions
The protests continued, in particular, this weekend. Press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic Olga Chemodanova told RIA Novosti that about 200 people were detained in cities of the country.
The largest unauthorized opposition rally was held in Minsk. About 140 people were detained there. In Gomel, the law enforcers used tear gas. The press service of the regional department of internal affairs explained this by the fact that some protesters “behaved inadequately.
Similar measures were also used in Grodno.
“In certain cases, special means, including tear gas, were used against the participants of unauthorized mass events on Sundays,” said a representative of the press service of Grodno Regional Executive Committee.