Lukashenko made another sharp statement to Russia

Lukashenko made another sharp statement to Russia

The Belarusian president made another anti-Russian statement during his speech to the collective of the defense enterprise NPOOO OKB TSP.

In particular, Alexander Lukashenko told plant employees that a prototype of a new Belarusian missile, which is predicted to appear in September, will be tested at the training ground of Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, China or Kazakhstan. The President of Belarus complained that Russia so far does not want to provide its training ground for testing the latest weapons of the ally, and this attitude makes us seriously think about further relations. The fact is that Moscow did not even agree to launch a joint development with Belarus. That is, Minsk managed on its own, but cannot even agree on a test site with a longtime ally.

Without hiding his grievances, Lukashenko finished his short tirade, urging him not to kneel before Russia and promised that Belarus would certainly bring the matter to an end and within the deadlines set earlier. The president also gave the management of the enterprise important instructions on cooperation with foreign partners and the improvement of the regulatory framework.

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Recently, Lukashenko has chosen an openly anti-Russian foreign policy. He does not hide his movement to the West and uses every opportunity for disputes and conflicts with Moscow. It is possible that in the situation with the landfill, he drew a lot of things.