Lukashenko told about the role of the United States in the protests in Belorussia

By | September 16, 2020
Lukashenko told about the role of the United States in the protests in Belorussia

The main aggressor with respect to Belarus is the United States. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko today, September 16.

“Now we can look back and examine in detail all stages of the scenario of the destruction of our country, which we, fortunately, did not allow and will not allow,” he said at a meeting with the political asset of the republic on Wednesday.
According to him, “a step-by-step analysis of events in the country reveals the true intentions and tactics of external not even opponents of Belarus, but aggressors,” who “over the past ten years have been meticulously preparing for the present time.

“To remove all masks at once, let us name these players by their names. At the level of global centers, this is, first of all, the United States of America, more specifically, its network of funds to support the so-called democracy. On the European continent American satellites were actively operating: Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and, unfortunately, our Ukraine”, – said the Belorussian leader.
At that, Lukashenko noticed that each of these countries was working out its role.

“The Czech Republic has long been a resource hub, Poland – first as an incubator for media channels (“Belsat”, “Nehta” and others), and then – as a platform for alternative bodies in exile,” he said.
In addition, Lukashenko called Lithuania, “scarred by the theme of the BelAES, – as a ram of Belarusian-European relations.

“Ukraine, despite our unwavering support for it (for example, in terms of territorial integrity and others), despite the spirit of our relationship, has become an outpost of political provocation,” he added.
According to the President of Belarus, “we clearly see the subjects of this process, their guides, and accomplices.

“The tactics of the organizers were built on the classic American textbook of “color revolutions. This is a well-known Gene Sharp,” he said.
At the same time, Lukashenko criticized the “unfriendly policy” of his neighbors.

“In recent years, we have grown accustomed to the manifestations of unfriendly policies of our neighbors. But their anti-Belarusian essence did not go anywhere and became apparent to the full extent. And what is more: an attempt on our sovereignty and even our territorial integrity has come to an end,” he said.
Let us remind you that after the presidential elections, protests started in Belarus. Lukashenko accused Western countries of this. Later, Sergey Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, said the U.S. was involved in the riots in Byelorussia. According to him, Washington is trying to organize a “color revolution” and an anti-constitutional coup in the republic.

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