Macron accused Turkey of sending Islamists to Azerbaijan

By | October 2, 2020
Macron accused Turkey of sending Islamists to Azerbaijan

More than 300 Islamists from Syria were moved to Nagorno-Karabakh, the French president claims.
French President Emmanuelle Macron said that Turkey had moved “more than 300 Islamists from Syria” to Nagorno-Karabakh. He said this after the first day of the EU summit, France24 reported on Friday, October 2.

According to Macron, the Islamists were transferred through Turkish Gaziantep to Nagorno-Karabakh to participate in the armed conflict on the side of Azerbaijan.

“The red line was crossed, which is unacceptable. I call on all NATO partners to resist the behavior of a NATO member. The reaction of France is to ask Turkey to explain itself on this issue,” Makron said.

Macron added that the “jihadists” he mentioned have been identified and “have a link to IGIL.

Recall that earlier Makron announced the evidence of the presence of Turkish militants in Karabakh. Syrian fighters had left the battlefield in the Turkish province to join the fighting in Karabakh, the French leader said.

It was also reported that the U.S., Russia, and France had accepted the statement on Karabakh. The presidents of the Minsk Group countries called for an end to hostilities and the resumption of negotiations.