Macron sees Russia’s attempt to rewrite history and blame Poland

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of trying to reinterpret the history of World War II. He said this during his lecture at the University of Jagellon in Krakow, RMF24 reports.

According to him, Moscow wants to blame the Polish nation. At the same time, the French leader noted that Poland and Hungary also want to rewrite history. “I see that in Poland there are temptations to cross the date of 1989. Hungary also has an approach to rewriting the history of the 20th century,” Said Macron. February 3, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Chaputovich said that Warsaw had won a historic dispute with Russia. The Russian diplomatic service said that they do not agree with the diplomat’s opinion. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, “that’s what all Napoleons think: both Bonaparte and the hospital.”

Poland believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin unfairly recorded the country among the states that unleashed World War II and asked him to refrain from “using the victims of World War II and the Holocaust for current political purposes.”

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In December 2019, Putin named the bastard and anti-Semitic pig of Poland’s ambassador to the Third Reich, Jozef Lipski, who promised to put up a monument to the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler for expelling Jews to Africa. According to the Russian president, Hitler offered to expel Jews from European countries to start in Africa, “actually to extinction.” Lipsky, in his own way, wrote that if this happens, “we will put him – Hitler – a beautiful monument in Warsaw.”