Macron’s limousine breaks down in Warsaw

By | February 4, 2020
Macron's limousine breaks down in Warsaw

The French president did not have his armored car started and the security service had to transfer Macron to the very ordinary Citroen.
French President Emmanuel Macron has begun a two-day official visit to Poland. Macron’s first stay in the country was a meeting with President Andrzej Duda. However, after the meeting of the heads of state, Macron’s car could not be started, writes.

The armored Renault Espace, on which the leader of France was moving, broke down. And after the meeting with Duda Macron had to move to the usual Citroen C6, which “borrowed” the French ambassador in Warsaw. Previously we wrote that Macron in Israel argued with the policeman. The French leader did not like the fact that the policeman tried to enter the Basilica of St. Anne with him. also wrote that in Paris, protesters tried to break into the theater where Macron and his wife were staying.

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