Maduro says he won’t flinch to arrest Guaido

By | August 23, 2020
Maduro says he won't flinch to arrest Guaido

This will happen when the court and prosecutors issue a ruling against the opposition leader, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would be ready to arrest opposition leader Juan Guaido when the court and prosecutors issue a ruling.

“On the day that the prosecutor’s office and the court will order his arrest, my hand will not flinch to do so,” Maduro said, which was broadcast on state television on Sunday.
Maduro added that 84% of Venezuela’s population does not support the opposition leader.
The situation in Venezuela escalated after Guaido, whose appointment to the speaker of parliament two days earlier had annulled the Supreme Court two days earlier, declared himself acting president on 23 January 2019. He was recognized as interim head of state by the United States, joined by the countries of the Lima Group (with the exception of Mexico), the Organization of the American States, and most of the EU countries. Maduro called the incident an attempted coup and said diplomatic relations with the United States had been severed. Russia, Belarus, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, and Turkey expressed their support.

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