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Trump addresses

MAGA; Trump addresses his supporters in Washington on Wednesday!

Latest news:Metropolitan police prepare for possible riots during a demonstration

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks Wednesday morning at a rally of his supporters in Washington, D.C., as Congress prepares for a joint session in which the Electoral College’s vote will be officially counted.

Thousands of Trump supporters, including members of far-right groups, gathered at Ellipse Park in downtown Washington.

“Big crowds,” Donald Trump wrote on Twitter.

“Our election process is worse than in Third World countries,” he added.

“Hang in there!” – Trump appealed to his supporters.

One of the president’s sons, Eric Trump, asked the crowd: “Is there anyone who really thinks Joe Biden won this election?”

There were cries of “No” in response.

“They can lie, they can cheat, they can steal. My father founded a movement, and that movement will never die,” Eric Trump said.

Metropolitan police are preparing for possible riots during the demonstration. On Monday, Henry Tarrio, leader of the far-right organization Proud Boys, was detained on charges of defacing property during a December protest. He was subsequently released from custody with orders to leave Washington and not return until his trial. Several others were detained on Tuesday.

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A joint session of Congress will be led by Vice President Mike Pence. Trump urged him not to certify election results in states where he lost by a narrow margin, though Pence has no such authority. “The vice president has the authority to reject fraudulently selected electors,” Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

Some Republican lawmakers intend to challenge the results in several states. Those efforts will likely prove futile but could delay the confirmation process.

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