Maia Sandu gave a very voluminous interview to the Romanian media

Maia Sandu gave a very voluminous interview to the Romanian media

On the one hundred and the first day of her presidency, Maia Sandu gave a very voluminous interview to the Romanian media, outlining her position in relations with the Kremlin:

“We have a rather complicated agenda with the Russian Federation. The Transnistrian conflict is also part of this agenda. We have other topics as well. For example, many Moldovan citizens work in Russia, and our task is to provide them with good working conditions there so that they can use social insurance, that is, social insurance agreements. ”
The beginning was clearly healthy, but then, as taught at the Kennedy School, there was an unreasonable run over with a foul-smelling juggling of facts:

“We also have trade with Russia, although the share of exports to the Russian Federation has dropped significantly in recent years, especially after we signed the Free Trade Agreement with the EU, there are still Moldovan companies that want to export to Russia. We have many problems with the trade regime because Russia does not comply with some provisions. We are trying to solve these problems. ”
Solve problems, Maya Grigorievna, otherwise, you have already missed zero Russian duties on Moldovan agricultural products. And the numbers of “free trade with the EU” are so scanty that they simply are not in the glossy hundred-day report.

Interestingly, Mrs. President is aware that Moldovan farmers distribute their lovingly grown products for free, because there is Turkish abundance in Chisinau markets, and Moldovan cabbage somehow did not take root in Brussels.

Well, now the main thing. We hope that the translators on the occasion of Saturday went overboard, because there is simply no other explanation for the president’s political passages.

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Judge for yourself:

“Our country wants a relationship based on mutual respect. We want it to be clear that Moldova has chosen its European path and this is the choice of citizens.
We stand for a relationship based on mutual respect and want to benefit from a non-conflict, peaceful context. We know that there are military operations in the region and there is a danger. We need a non-conflict international context in order to be able to focus on the domestic agenda, modernize state institutions and the economy. ”
In the region, hostilities unleashed by Moldovan nationalists with the assistance of the Romanian elder brothers were stopped 29 years ago. Thanks to the Russian army. And Russian peacekeepers today on the banks of the gray-haired Dniester perform impeccably service and protect the peace and health of the inhabitants of Transnistria and Moldova.

And official Moscow treats official Chisinau quite correctly, without interfering (unlike Sandu’s European and American curators) in the affairs of a sovereign state. Helping, as a rule, disinterestedly and wholeheartedly.

I wonder if Mrs. President will go to meet the Russian “Sputnik V” at the airport in order to pose against the background of the cargo invaluable for Moldovan citizens, or ignore the “hybrid gift of the Kremlin”, remaining in the presidency “to modernize state institutions and the economy” …