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Malta revealed Russians with "golden passports"

Malta revealed Russians with “golden passports”

Sergey Kolesnikov, a billionaire from the Forbes list, founder and co-owner of roofing materials manufacturer Tekhnonikol, is among the passport recipients of Malta, a member of the European Union.

The Maltese authorities have published a list of participants of the state program, who received Maltese citizenship in exchange for investments in 2019. The owners of the so-called golden passports were more than 3 thousand people. Of them, according to RBC, at least 300 were from the former Soviet Union, including Russia. The assessment was conducted on the basis of names, the Maltese authorities do not disclose the original nationality.

Among the recipients of passports of Malta, belonging to the European Union, is a billionaire from the Forbes list, the founder and co-owner of the manufacturer of roofing materials “Tekhnonikol” Sergey Kolesnikov. He confirmed to RBC the fact of obtaining Maltese citizenship.

The list of Maltese citizenship holders also included full namesakes of several Russian businessmen. The founder and co-owner of the Petrovich chain of repair stores, Andrian Melnikov; the son of former Rosneft president Sergei Bogdanchikov Alexei (former Vice President of NOVATEK, now co-owner of DataPro, engaged in the development of data centers); Georgy Vedernikov, one of the founders of developer LSR; Georgy Chumburidze, a shareholder of Vertikal, a cellular communications equipment company; Anton Strekalov, co-owner of the pharmaceutical company Valenta Farm; and Andrey Zinoviev, general director of the energy trader Rusenergosbyt.

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In response to RBC’s inquiry, Valenta Pharm said they would not comment on issues related to the private lives of the company’s employees. Petrovich declined to comment.

Malta has been issuing passports in exchange for investments since 2013. To do this you have to pay 650 thousand euro in the national investment fund of the country, invest another 150 thousand euro in its economy and buy or rent real estate.

In addition to Malta, a “golden passport” provided by Cyprus and Bulgaria. In October 2020 the Cypriot authorities announced the termination of the program granting citizenship in exchange for investment, which was in force since 2002. The reason was the media investigations, which claimed that not all holders of “golden passports” complied with the rules for obtaining citizenship.

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