Man wanted to save a neighbor from dogs and shot him

The American wanted to save a neighbor from the pit bulls and accidentally shot him with a crossbow.
A resident of the American city of Adams in Massachusetts accidentally shot with a crossbow his neighbor, who was attacked by two dogs, writes News Week.

The American heard a loud noise and looked out into the street. He saw that his neighbor was attacked by two aggressive pit bulls, and the man was trying to hide from them in the house.

The man took a crossbow, took aim and fired an arrow. He wanted to hit the animals, but the arrow wounded one dog, went through the door and hit a neighbor.

The police officers who came to the call had to shoot the pit bulls, who began to rush at them. In the house, they found a man with an arrow in his body. He was dead.

It is noted that there was a child in the next room who was not injured.

Police believe the Americans died in an accident. The neighbor who killed him is cooperating with the investigation.

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Recall that in France doctors rescued a man with a crossbow arrow in his head