Mass coronavirus infection has started again in China

Mass coronavirus infection has started again in China

In China, 12 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered during the day, six-in those who arrived from abroad, and six more-inside the country, according to the state health Committee of China,

Of the imported cases, five were in Shanghai: two patients came from Brazil, three from the United States. Another case was recorded in Fujian province. All six cases of infection within the country were registered in administrative divisions of China bordering Russia — five in Heilongjiang province, and one in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
No deaths related to COVID-19 were recorded in the country during the day.

In total, 4 thousand 633 people died from coronavirus in China, 82 thousand 874 cases of infection were registered, of which 1 thousand 670 were imported from abroad.
Earlier it was reported that Trump imposes new duties on goods from China.

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