McCain’s former assistant leaves Pentagon after refusal to raise

By | June 19, 2020
McCain's former assistant leaves Pentagon after refusal to raise

Katherine Wilbarger was supposed to take a high intelligence post, but then the White House chose another candidate

A senior Pentagon official, Catherine Wilbarger, decided to resign after President Donald Trump changed his mind about appointing her to a more prestigious intelligence post, Reuters reports citing sources.

Wilbarger served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security for three years. On February 13, the White House nominated her to the post of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, but last week it was unexpectedly announced that it is now planned to nominate former Trump assistant Bradley Hansell to this post.

A number of former and current officials condemned the White House’s decision to renounce Wilbarger’s appointment, believing that her collaboration with the late Republican Senator John McCain, who actively criticized Trump, was the reason.

Wilbarger was responsible for intelligence matters in the Senate Armed Forces Committee, which was chaired by McCain.

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