McConnell warned against filibuster ban

McConnell warned against filibuster ban

Senate Republican leader warned that such a move would only complicate Biden’s legislative agenda

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned Democrats on Tuesday that lifting the filibuster (obstruction) procedure would result in a “complete burning of bridges” in the Senate, making it much more difficult for Democratic President Joe Biden to push his legislative agenda forward.

Several politicians have spoken out in recent weeks in support of repealing the rule that 60 out of 100 votes are required for most laws to pass. They said the move may be necessary to pass a number of initiatives, including a House-approved bill designed to make it easier to vote.

“This chaos will not open up the fast lane for a liberal change. He will not open the fast lane for Biden’s presidency to go down in history. Rather, the Senate will turn into a huge traffic jam in which nothing is moving anywhere, ”McConnell said in a speech in the Senate Hall.

“It’s impossible to even imagine what the Senate would look like if the bridges were completely burned,” he added.

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Currently, Senate seats are split almost equally between Democrats and Republicans.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that Democrats hope to work with Republicans to push through legislative initiatives aimed at reforming the electoral system, renewing infrastructure, and securing elements of the economic aid package on a permanent basis.

However, he warned that the Democrats are determined to overcome the resistance of the Republicans and are ready to consider all options.

On Sunday, influential Democrat Stacy Abrams called on the Senate to waive an electoral reform bill passed by the House of Representatives despite opposition from Republicans, banning the use of a filibuster procedural hurdle.