McDonald’s opens first green restaurant with zero electricity consumption in USA

By | September 13, 2020
McDonald's opens first green restaurant with zero electricity consumption in USA

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building, more than half a year it has natural ventilation.

In Florida, USA, opened the world’s first restaurant McDonald’s, which fully provides itself with electricity from renewable energy sources, writes designboom.

The building was designed by the Chicago bureau Ross Barney Architects. The total area of the restaurant is 8024 square feet (745 m²), where the kitchen, auto café, dining area, ordering area, covered terrace, and others are located.

The V-shaped roof is covered with solar panels, which, according to calculations, will generate 704.7 thousand кВт⋅ч per year. Also, photoelectric glass panels are installed throughout the building, Architectural records specifies.

65% of the days a year the restaurant has natural ventilation. When you need to turn on the air conditioner, automatic window blinds are triggered (they respond to humidity and temperature sensors), designboom notes.

Outside the walls of the building are covered with live plants (the area of the vertical “bed” – more than 1700 square feet, or 158 m²). They purify the air and retain water, explains the edition.

Due to solar energy, the lanterns installed in the parking lot also work. Their autonomous power supply system allows the restaurant to save 8000 кВт⋅ч per year, the publication says.

McDonald’s says the new restaurant will be a training center for the company to test new solutions to reduce water and energy consumption. In 2021, the chain plans to pass the international certification of “zero energy consumption”, and by 2030 – to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions by 36%, the publication points out.

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