Media: blood of three Singaporeans took Trump’s drug for COVID-19 as a basis

By | October 9, 2020

The drug for the treatment of U.S. President Donald Trump from COVID was developed on the basis of blood samples of three Singaporeans who were overwhelmed with coronavirus, the Straits Times reported.
According to the publication, the National Center for Infectious Diseases of Singapore (NCID) has responded to a request for cooperation from the U.S. company Regeneron – without claims to the intellectual property rights for treatment. According to the NCID, the company initially asked to select up to 20 recovered patients with COVID-19 and the agency selected five people, after which Regeneron was informed that the samples are sufficient to develop a drug with antibodies.
“Regeneron eventually used three out of five samples of patients from Singapore as a starting point for antibody development research,” the publication noted.
Trump checked out of the hospital on Monday after three days of hospitalization with coronavirus. Doctors said on Wednesday Trump no longer had symptoms of coronavirus and antibodies but did not release the president’s vital signs as they had done before during his treatment. Trump’s attending physician Sean Conley said that the US president may return to public events already on October 10.