Media found out details about the “studio” headphones Apple

Media found out details about the

The first full-size wireless headphones under the Apple brand will differ from your competitors with a variety of sensors and a universal design – it will allow not to think which of the cups is right and which is left.

This writes 9to5mac, citing its own sources. The fact that Apple plans this year to Supplement the range of AirPods full-sized model – it is not a secret, hints of its existence is found in iOS. Now there is additional information about some of the features of the new items coming.

So, the gadget will not only sensors able to determine whether wearing headphones on the head but also to determine to put on the neck. The first is to put the music on pause when the headphone is removed, the second is not to disable them completely while wearing in the neck. Similarly, AirPods put playback on a pause, but not turn off when the user takes out one earphone.

In addition, headphones will be able to determine how exactly they were wearing, and accordingly to switch the right and left channels, that is, as they are either put on, the stereo image will be correct. By analogy with the AirPods Pro new full-size headphones – presumably called AirPods Studio will be equipped with a noise reduction system and the regime of “Transparency” for those situations where it is important to hear what is happening around.

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But that’s not all. According to the publication, AirPods Studio when connected to a Mac or iPhone will be able to activate the different EQ profiles with separate settings for low, medium, and high frequencies.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported on Apple’s plans to release two versions of full-size headphones premium leather ear pads and the “sport” of lightweight materials. It is also assumed that the soft pads can be easily changed due to magnetic fasteners.