Media: Vote for Japan's new PM to be held in parliament on September 16

Media: Vote for Japan’s new PM to be held in parliament on September 16

The main favorite is the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Japan Yoshihide Suga
A vote on the nomination of Japan’s new prime minister will be held in the national parliament on September 16. According to the Kyodo news agency on Wednesday, the ruling coalition led by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) reached a consensus with opposition parties on the date of the vote in parliament. On September 14, intra-party elections for the new LDP chairman will be held. The winning candidate will be confirmed as prime minister by a vote in Parliament on September 16.

The agency said the new government will also be formed on September 16. At the moment, it is not specified which of the current ministers will keep his post in the new cabinet.

The main contender for the post of the new Prime Minister of Japan is the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Yoshihide Suga, who on Wednesday officially announced his participation in the election of the head of the LDP. The heads of almost all the main party factions, including the factions of deputy prime minister, Finance Minister Taro Aso, and LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai, have already expressed their support. As a result, more than 280 MPs can vote for his candidacy, as well as, according to the calculations of The Asahi newspaper, about half of the representatives of regional cells, which makes his chances of winning very high. Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba will try to compete in the elections.

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