Merkel Announces Unprecedented Economic Challenges Due to Pandemic

By | June 29, 2020
Merkel Announces Unprecedented Economic Challenges Due to Pandemic

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the unprecedented economic challenges facing the European Union because of the coronavirus pandemic, she also noted the need for the EU to become “more sovereign” in the field of digital technology.
“We live in serious times. The conditions that we had before were relatively predictable and easy compared to the challenges that confront us today. On the one hand, this is a pandemic as such, on the other hand, it’s related economic challenges that have not existed for decades, and possibly never, “she said at a press conference following a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at Meseberg Castle near Berlin.
According to her, Germany and France hope “in the coming weeks to play a role that emphasizes that Europe is our future.” Merkel added that countries will work to ensure that “Europe is well and healthy breaks through the crisis, which will continue to negatively affect us.”
Merkel emphasized that the unity of Germany and France has a positive impact on Europe, this, she said, can give a positive impetus to the development of the EU, given the upcoming German presidency of the union from July 1.

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She recalled the initiative of Berlin and Paris on the fund for the economic recovery of the European Union. “I hope that we can find a solution, although there is still a long way to go,” she said.
Merkel emphasized that “the world after the pandemic will be different.” In this regard, she drew attention to the need to achieve the climate goals of the European Union, bearing in mind the “climate neutrality” of the union.
“We must become more sovereign in digitalization. We must talk about this, which means digital sovereignty, we cannot do everything ourselves, but we must decide what we can solve ourselves,” she said.
Merkel added that she had discussed with Macron Libya and the situation in the Western Balkans.

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