Merkel complains about difficulties in EU-US relations

Merkel complains about difficulties in EU-US relations

EU-US cooperation is harder to build than we would like, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.
Problems are observed in the areas of “climate and trade policy”, as well as in the issue of “the role of international organizations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic,” RIA Novosti reports.
At the same time, Merkel said that the United States is the EU’s most important partner, and transatlantic relations are “the central and supporting pillar of foreign and security policy.” In the “primordial national and European interests” to strengthen these relations, Europe and the United States depend on each other, she said.
Merkel emphasized that “Europe is not neutral,” but is part of the “political West.” According to Merkel, “if Europe wants to preserve itself and its values ​​in this world,” Europeans need to “take their fate into their own hands.” However, one should “act as reliable partners of the Western community of interests and values”. As the Chancellor of Germany stated, “this is part of one, two sides of the same coin.”
Recall, the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany has denied allegations from the United States against the Chinese government, questioning the fact that China hid information about the dangers of coronavirus and allowed it to leak from the laboratory.

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