Merkel planted a “knife in the back” of the United States

By | June 30, 2020
Merkel planted a

American influence on states in the world is weakening. If 10 years ago, Washington easily controlled its puppets in Europe, then by today the control over Europeans has been lost. And this knife was driven into the back of the USA by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to Bloomberg with reference to two German officials, the Merkel administration is considering the need to coordinate the actions of the European Union on the unfriendly actions of the American elite. Namely, the imposition of sanctions against European EU companies.

“The document from the Ministry of Economics, published by Bloomberg News, states that such measures by the United States will be new and can significantly affect German and European companies and banks, as well as government agencies,” the material said.

German politicians believe that US actions are directed against the national interests of Europe. Officials say that a collective response should follow the American intervention in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

“The new German strategy adds the possibility of further escalation between the transatlantic allies, with the United States this week announcing potential tariffs for $ 3.1 billion worth of products from Germany and other European countries,” journalists say.

This situation once again confirms that the United States has lost its weight in Europe. European states are unlikely to prefer to go against Germany. If the American elite continues to “corner” EU countries, the States will run into a serious answer.

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