MFA: Ukrainians killed in Bali became a victim of poisoning

By | May 22, 2020
MFA: Ukrainians killed in Bali became a victim of poisoning

The picture of what happened should be more fully clarified after additional examinations appointed by the police.
An examination revealed the presence of methanol and ethanol in the blood of a Ukrainian couple who died in a hotel room in Bali. On Friday, May 22, said the director of the consular service department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Pogoreltsev in a comment to the news agency
This may indicate the poisoning of the Ukrainians, “the diplomat emphasized. According to him, Indonesian investigators re-examined the room where the victims lived and found additional material evidence.
This material evidence was delivered for examination in order to identify the source of poisoning, the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.
“To finally confirm the causes of death of Ukrainian citizens on May 18, an autopsy was performed on the bodies of the dead, the results of which will be announced additionally,” said Pogoreltsev.
As previously reported, on the resort island of Bali in Indonesia, one of the hotels found the bodies of two Ukrainians – men and women. Initially, a coronavirus was suspected in a dead couple.

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