The military began to use SMS messages as a weapon!

The military began to use SMS messages as a weapon!

In war, as you know, all is fair! This became an axiom that talented commanders used more than once and proved its worth. It is important that the tools are simple and effective, such as the SMS mailings recently used by the Russian military during exercises. It suddenly turned out that influencing the battle formations of a simulated enemy with the help of an “information strike” can be no less effective than firepower and numerical superiority in battle.

The reconnaissance brigade of the Guards Tank Red Banner Army of the Western Military District took part in exercises in which it was asked to show its forces in an operation to capture a small town under the control of a mock enemy. The scouts surrounded the settlement, but instead of an attack and a tank strike, they used … drones. Compact drones circled over the enemy’s location not only for reconnaissance and finding out the weakest point in the defense.

With the help of drones, over a short period of time, thousands of leaflets were dropped over the city and SMS messages were sent to the fighters of the conditional enemy. Both the leaflets and messages contained demoralizing information and calls for an immediate end to resistance and surrender. An hour later, the negotiations ended with the surrender of the town’s garrison. This is how the Russian military proved the consistency and effectiveness of the use of “non-military” methods during armed conflicts. In the future, these approaches should be refined and improved, and special emphasis should be placed on them. The use of newsletters, flyers, and negotiations can help avoid bloodshed and casualties.

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