Military expert on the main advantage of the S-500

Military expert on the main advantage of the S-500

The military expert spoke about the main advantage of the S-500, pointing out that thanks to this missile defense system the Russian army is rising into the space sphere.

The S-500 missile defense system, which is currently being tested, should not be compared with the S-300 and S-400 systems. Military expert Sergei Khatylev told the Political Expert about it.

He noted that the S-500 is a universal long-range and high-altitude interception complex. In addition, the system has increased missile defense capabilities and can intercept ballistic missiles.

Against the background of the S-400 and S-300, the new missile defense system stands out due to the ability to shoot down space objects. This was made possible by a radius of 600 kilometers.

“This system is capable of hitting not only ballistic targets but also aerodynamic – airplanes and helicopters,” Khatylev said.

The S-500 also surpasses the American counterparts, as it uses a high-explosive combat unit, hitting the target by detonating rather than pointing a missile. Moreover, the missile defense system is capable of destroying hypersonic missiles of a possible enemy.

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You can improve the efficiency of the S-500 if you use them in a bunch of S-350, which have an increased load. As a result, the ideal missile defense and air defense system is being formed.

“We are reaching a new level of development of our combat use and are rising into the space sphere,” the expert added.